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At Vigor MVMNT our mission is to empower and encourage the people of our community through health and fitness, so that they can live their life to the fullest! We are committed to helping each individual live a balanced and healthy lifestyle!



The results you want won't just appear. You have to work for them and that work requires EFFORT! We can't control a lot but what we can control is our effort! Effort is between YOU and YOU! Bring it every day!


As humans, we thrive on energy! The powerful thing about energy is that we control the energy we give off. We want to empower you with the understanding that YOU control your energy! Bring positive energy to everything you do not only will it impact your life but also those around you!



Whatever you do, do it with enthusiasm! Your mind and the actions you take are more powerful than you realize! Doing things with enthusiasm and a smile on your face has the potential to create a MVMNT unlike any other

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