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Vigor Vinyasa and Restorative MVMNT

Move Your Body. Relax Your Mind.

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Our Vinyasa Flow yoga class is designed to take your mind off of your troubles as you sweat and flow through various poses. This class alone can be your workout for the day, as you will be sweating and leaving your worries behind on the mat All levels of athletes are welcome, if you are new to yoga you will find modifications for all poses, if you have been practicing yoga for years, you can make this class more challenging, or anyone in between, come move with us! 

Restorative MVMNT

Come start your week off on Sundays with this 45 minute practice of restoring the body, mind, and spirit. In this class, we focus on holding restorative postures for 6-8 breaths to let go, unwind, melt into the floor, and heal.  This class is perfect for all levels, and if you find yourself particularly stressed in your day-to-day life, you will especially benefit from this class. 

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Meet Addy

Our 200 hour certified yoga teacher, Addy, is trained to modify any postures that you are not comfortable with, so there is no need to be nervous to show up if you are newer to yoga. 

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